[ kerry richardson ]


Still from Boy, Game Boy

[ experimental computer animation ]

BOY, GAME BOY (animation, work in progress) tells the story of a Nindendo Game Boy, Mrs. Butterworth and other anthropomorphic products who vie for the attentions of a young human boy abandoned after hours in a big box store.

While wandering through the aisles of the store, Boy and Game Boy pass racks of identical bottles of candy-colored liquid (fruit punch or floor cleaner?), bathed in the slight echo of enormous TVs all blared the same video.The boy is a cipher and Game Boy grows increasingly desperate as his batteries wane. The film uses flat vector art and rigid one- and two-point perspective to evoke the vertiginous repetition of goods in a pseudo-3D space. If big box architecture is indifferent to content, this film is consumed with it; the film imagines the interior lives of products who come to understand their obsolesence is a feature.

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