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Still from Boy, Game Boy


BOY, GAME BOY (Videogame, work in progress) responds to the visual culture of video games (The Sims) and digital design (SketchUp). I use flat, vector graphics to depict the sterile elegance of contemporary product design and the punishing architecture of big box retail.

A Nintendo Game Boy, a handheld video game device, befriends a young boy lost in a Walmart. Boy, Game Boy is personal and inward-looking, in contrast to my outwardly engaged community practice. It springs directly from my experience observing my own son playing video games, though in the film, my sympathies lie not with the human boy but the product who so desperately wants to engage him.

Boy, Game Boy takes notions of branding and anthropomorphic product design to their logical, absurd conclusions. It anticipates the day when smart devices will come to realize their obsolescence is actually a design feature.

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